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Who we are - The Ones Shop design collective is the conception of longtime Portland apparel designer Liza Rietz. Liza, along with partner Jessica Waltz, brought together some of Portland’s most talented and accomplished designers of apparel, jewelry and accessories that design and make high-end, curated pieces to be cherished for many years to come.  


What makes a collective work - The Ones Shop operates much like a cooperative in which each designer is a member, coming together to share resources, promotion, creativity and inspiration. Each designer works one shift per week, directly linking them to the retail experience and allowing them to better understand their customer. And because The Ones Shop is run directly by the designers, they benefit in getting 90% profit from the sales of their products. 


Where you can find us - With big windows facing the ever growing and bustling East Burnside Street in Portland Oregon, The Ones Shop is nestled in the 811 Building – comprised of women owned boutiques and maker spaces that offers handmade wears, vintage, and more! Most of the products in this building are designed and made directly by the designers. Check out the building's Instagram @shop811 to find out more! 


Why a collective – After nearly fifteen years as a designer and boutique owner, Liza wanted to build a collective to pool resources, share ideas and support other local designers. By coming together with shared resources and creativity, members benefit from better promotion, photoshoots, fashion shows, and events! The Ones Shop values the process of design and the craft of making. All of the designs in the collective are handmade and not mass produced.  


You – The Ones Shop is always on the lookout for established designers of apparel, jewelry and accessories to join our team! If you design and make exceptional product and think the collective experience is right for you and your brand, lets chat! 



Our talented team of designers and makers wear many hats! We design, make, promote, support, and sell our products. Stop by the shop and meet us in person!  


Apparel Designer and Maker

Liza Rietz began designing and sewing custom and retail pieces in 2001. Liza's modern designs are structured yet feminine, detailed yet wearable. Captivated by shape and volume, her designs are continually inspired by the clean lines of Japanese design, sculptural and exaggerated shapes of the 1920's, and the interplay between body and garment. After nearly 15 years of designing and running a boutique, Liza recently gravitated towards teaching as a means to reconnect with the artistic and experimental side of fashion while engaging with individuals in her community. She has taught Innovative Design classes and workshops at Portland Fashion Institute, Oregon College of Art and Craft and Nike. All her garments are handcrafted in Portland, Oregon and available exclusively at The Ones Shop.


Jewelry Designer and Maker

Revere means to show devoted deferential honor.  It is an honor and practice of devotion to carry on the tradition of crafting jewelry for others.  Lauren's mother owned and ran a small custom jewelry store outside of Chicago and it was there that she started her love affair with jewelry. "There was something so magical about melting down raw metal and transforming it into a piece that will become part of someone's identity and a future family heirloom."

Lauren hand forms each piece in Portland, Oregon, keeping a bit of the raw metal exposed to show the transformation proccess that each piece has endured. 

"I want the people who wear REVERE to know that thier piece was made by a morally minded artist, that's why I use recycled silver and gold in all of my forged pieces, seek out ethically mined stones and am always looking for opportunities to reuse other materials like bronze from an old statue from my sculpture series. I’m not too influenced by the latest trends because I create pieces that are meant to stay with you for a lifetime."


Apparel Designer and Maker

Sara designs and manufactures apparel for the modern wild woman, in her workshop in Portland, Oregon. 
Sara's brand grew out of a love of travel, different cultures, geometry, and modern design.

"In my work, I dream about nature, culture, and how they interact. I believe in looking sharp and feeling comfortable--with good design, both are possible. Fashion should be a way to celebrate our everyday lives, and our bodies of every shape and size." 



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811 East Burnside Street suite #111 
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